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Specializing in communications, I help clients with fine tune their soft skills through executive coaching, presentation skills, public speaking, conflict management and mastering their message.

Whether you need laser-focus, general guidance or group support, I've got you covered. Discover how we can work together to get you where you want to go. It's time for you to step up and out of the shadows. Own your brilliance. It's time to shine. (1 of 25) (2).jpg

the works

It's time to step into the spotlight. A full day intensive in which we will identify the cause of your Sweaty Palm Syndrome, develop methods to overcome the overwhelm you get before you walk in the room and master your message so that you feel confident whether you are delivering a presentation, pitching your product or hosting your first live event.  

The Quick Fix

Get laser focused results. A 90-minute conversation in which we will do a deep dive on a particular issue to get you where you want to go. Whether we're addressing your tongue-tied blubbering blunders, crafting your message, negotiating skills, giving feedback or re-working your presentation for greater impact, you'll leave ready to take on the world. (3 of 25) (3).jpg

spin doctor services 

Master your message. You know what you want to stay, but it comes out confused and unclear when you start to talk. You've only got 30 seconds, but you need an hour to get to the point. Let's fine-tune your presentation using advanced delivery techniques to get to the point quickly, confidently and convincingly. No more maybes. Let's work together to get to yes. (11 of 25) (4).jpg

bespoke business services

Get exactly what you need. Every business is different, and so are there challenges. Are you struggling as the boss, not sure how to communicate with your team? Perhaps everyone has lost their mojo and you need some help getting back on track. Whatever it is, we can craft the perfect package to meet your needs. (7 of 25) (3).jpg

communicate with confidence

Self-paced training. Sweaty Palm Syndrome is real. It's scary, but you can overcome it. No longer fear standing in front of a room. Stop faking sick before a presentation. Stand tall in your abilities. You aren't here to fetch the coffee, you're here to knock their socks off. Learn the skills you need to succeed in any situation. (4 of 25) (4).jpg

pretty. powerful. persuasive.

Live group training program. You are more than a pretty face. You're a force to be reckoned with and it's time to be taken seriously. Learn to value yourself, overcome the overwhelm, catapult your confidence and master your message. If you're ready for a supportive environment to improve your communication skills, this is for you.