Bring Your All


The Quick Fix

one 90-minute session

It's like when you run out during your lunch break to get your nails done before your flight to that wedding out of town. Or when you get a wax before your big date with that guy you just can't stop thinking about.  Think of this as the perfect little perk-me up to get you ready for what you've got cooking. 

What it is: One 90-minute deep dive call. We will get right to business so that, by the end, you are feeling energized and ready to go. You won't even need that afternoon shot of espresso because you're running on a natural energy high. 

Who it's for: If you are feeling like a hot mess, let's just be honest that a one-time thing is not going to fix that.  This intensive conversation would be a good fit for you if you've got one very specific thing to work on in mind. You want to beat back those butterflies before your next presentation or you want to learn to master your message ahead of a major meeting. You want to stop the Sweaty Palm Syndrome before your next live event so you can actually shake hands with the people who came to see you. You want to stop feeling tongue-tied when you deliver a training to your coaching clients. Whatever it is, pick the one thing that needs your focus right now and let's fix it. 

What's included:

  • 1 complimentary pre-meeting workbook
  • 1 90-minute call (in-person intensive also available)
  • 1 week of follow-up support via messenger (I'll reply within 24 hours)

What could happen:

  • get unstuck in life
  • gain clarity on a particular issue
  • move past an issue that's been holding you back
  • gain the confidence to crush your goals
  • learn to leverage your own skills and assets
  • understand your unique point of difference
  • identify how to position yourself in the marketplace
  • fine tune your interpersonal skills
  • learn to deliver presentations with ease
  • anything you want, really