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You are crushing it. But you want more. You know that you deserve it. I mean, otherwise, why would you be dreaming about living an even larger life? 

What it is: A full day 1:1 intensive that moves you from tongue-tied to cool, calm and collected. 

Who it's for: This is truly for the woman on a mission. You want fast results to help move you forward. But you're petrified of telling other people what you want or communicating your message in front of a group of people, even if it's people you know. And you also know you can't help anybody if you're hiding in the bathroom, afraid to say what you need to say. Whether it's owning the boardroom when you give a presentation, feeling more confident when you make a sales pitch or overcoming the butterflies ahead of your first live event, we will figure out what's got you feeling less than you best, break down those barriers and craft a plan to set you up for success.  

What's included:

  • 1 30-minute complimentary mini quick fix call
  • 1 6-hour intensive training, in-person or virtually
  • Lunch and light bites throughout the day
  • 2-weeks of VIP messenger access post-intensive

What could happen:

  • become a master of your message
  • create a bulletproof mindset and own the #bossbabe mentality
  • craft a script or talking points for major meetings
  • get comfortable around people of power
  • stop shrinking from the spotlight because you're nervous
  • learn how to deliver your event or training programs like a boss
  • overcome the overwhelm associated with public speaking
  • discover the root of your Sweaty Palm Syndrome and how to beat it
  • leverage Executive Training skills to develop a clear, concise message
  • develop a personalized method to feel confident and in control of any situation
  • find the confidence to stop running from situations that could help your success