I fired my coach today. Almost.

Apparently, I have a tendency to whine (or whinge if you are British). Whining, I learned, gets you nowhere. It doesn't help you reach your goals and it doesn't make you fun to be around. Seriously, you bring down the vibe in the room and nobody wants to be around you - even when you pay them! Like my coach. I was talking to her today (alright, possibly I was complaining and all woe-is-me) and she gave me some feedback. I'll be honest, I did NOT appreciate her comments. As in, I was so pissed I was questioning why I'd signed up to work with her for the whole damn year and whether or not I could get a refund. And then I thought, let's be honest, she's awesome. She wouldn't have agreed to work with me just for the money - not her style and she's not jonesing for cash so that can't actually be what's happening here. I thought on it a bit more. And then a bit more. And then a bit more.

All that thinking finally started to make sense. I was acting like a Debbie Downer. That's not going to help me or my clients because it's just depressing. I was coming from a place of lack. Of fear. Self doubt. Resistance. I was self-sabotaging my own success for whatever reason (still working on the root cause) and it needed to stop. She was the metaphorical slap across the face that reminded me to wake the F up and get out my own way. If I want to be seen as the successful business woman that I am, I can't be a Sad Sally. I need to be a Positive Patty, an Ursula Upper. I need to whole heartedly trust that The Universe has a bigger plan for me and that things are working out just like they should be.

Letting go can be hard. Releasing the need to be in control can seem unimaginable, especially if you are a bit of an OCD control freak like me (I also learned that these tendencies are fear issues - more to come on that later), but it's necessary to reach your full potential. I made a promise to myself today. I am not going to be a Sad Sally anymore. Positive Patty is my new BFF for 2017.

Starting something new, whether its your own business, a new job, buying a house or welcoming your first child, can send you into a tail spin. You want to know that things are going to work out. You want them to go exactly as you've planned. But, guess what, it NEVER HAPPENS. Like Harry says in The Deathly Hallows, "Hermione! When have any of our plans every actually worked?We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose!" Life is going to happen as it's meant to happen. Learn to go with the flow and trust that it's happening for you. Just keep going and understand why those comments sting. Maybe it's because they are forcing you to see a truth you didn't want to see. Think on that for a second. It certainly helped me today.

Thank you Universe,