Throw in the towel

I have good days....and I have bad days. Somedays I have the highest confidence and I feel unbeatable, that nothing can get to me. Yet other days I ask myself what the F am I doing? Like, really, who am I to be doing this. I start to question everything. 

I've been working really hard to maintain my high vibe mindset. The stress and worry don't do anything but hold me back so I need to let that nonsense go. However, I know The Universe has my back. Why? Well when I have these moments, these crises of conscious or mindset meltdowns, something always comes across my path to boost me right back up. 

Today, I reconnected with a colleague. We'd not spoken in a while, but her message to me today was exactly what I needed to here. She said to KEEP GOING. That I have a message and that it's resonating. Apparently I can be quite calming when I do my FB lives. Who knew?! I screenshot these messages and save them so the next time I have this panic attack happen, I can go back to these notes and remember how EPICALLY AMAZING I AM. It's a nice little pick-me-up when I need it. Oh, and, if I want to get really woo woo on you, I know it's a sign. I get these messages, these little reminders, right when I'm starting to doubt myself. The Universe really does have my back. It sends me these people and messages exactly when I need them and snaps me out of my funk.

Don't ignore the signs people. Do what you are meant to be doing. And, if you start to question yourself, look for the signs!!! They'll remind you why you do what you do. :)

Thank you Universe,