The Reason You Aren't Speaking Up


We live in an age where it seems everyone is picking up and speaking out about their preferred cause - #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, #smokeybearhug, #shepersisted - but that doesn't seem to include you. It's as if you've forgotten that you have a voice, too. Why do you think that is? 

At some point, you were told to be grateful (checkout my earlier post), that you shouldn't rock the boat and that, eventually, you'll get there. That might be true. You could continue to do things as you are, maintain the status quo and just hope that it all works out. How has that been going for ya? I'm going to guess that you aren't happy. You feel frustrated, under-appreciated and demotivated. You are working hard but it hasn't made a difference. What was that advise you were given? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Is it working? When everyone else around you seems to be moving forward and you feel like you are standing still, can you really say that what you are doing is working and, more importantly, that you are happy?

I'll take a sip of my coffee while you think on that for a moment. Because we both know the truth. You are afraid. Of what, you might be asking yourself. The outcome. If you continue to play it safe and do nothing, you can't get hurt. There isn't a chance for disappointment. If you were to say, open you mouth and speak your mind, a great many things could happen. Too many possibilities and that can be petrifying. 

But by not speaking up, by not sharing your wisdom you are setting yourself up for greater disappointment. You are living your future to chance. You sit there hoping, praying, that somebody notices you rather than taking control of your situation. Perhaps you are afraid of the outcome, because you don't know what will happen and not knowing can be incredibly scary. However, don't you think it's worth taking the risk? 

You have a gift. And it's not being utilized. You sit there knowing that you can do so much more, yet you are waiting for someone else to tell you it's your time. Stop letting your life, your one opportunity, pass you by. Pluck up the courage and let your voice be heard. No more sitting on the sidelines or hiding in the shadows. Raise your hand, raise your voice and put your ideas out there.

Deep breathe. You've got this.

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