Gratitude is the Key to Your Success

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Want to know the secret to your future success? Gratitude. 

Growing up, I was always told to say "please" and "thank you." To be honest, I've not been very good at the thank you bit as late. Without being grateful for where you are and how you got there, it's impossible to get excited about moving forward - which can hold you back.

Think about that for a moment. Not being appreciate, or grateful, of where you are today is holding you back from achieving a better tomorrow. 

Are you always looking forward to what's next, planning your next vacation...while you are currently on vacation? If so, like me, you are struggling to live in the now.  If you can't be grateful for where you are right now, you'll never be happy when you reach that next level of success. Why? Because you are so caught up in whats next that you can't enjoy what you've achieved.

And what happens when all you focus on is what's missing? It takes it's toll - mentally, emotionally and physically.  You get depressed, you start making poor food choices and you seem to attract more bad news wherever you go. All you are thinking about is the lack, what you don't have.

So, what can you do to change that? Take stock of what you DO have. How did you do it? Where did it get you? How did it make you feel? (I'm going to guess the feeling is....amazing!!!). You need to re-connect with that feeling on a more regular basis. To do this, try making a daily gratitude list - 5 things for which you are grateful. It can be as simple as that morning cup of coffee or the fact that you scored that killer power suit on a massive discount. Whatever it is, celebrate it!

Gratitude is great because it puts you in a happy, euphoric state. Think of how that can improve your health, too. I mean, you've seen Legally Blonde. What do when know about endorphins and happy people?? Not only that, but by focusing on the positive and all the things you do have (instead of the things you don't have), you'll be calling in more of the good stuff from the Big U. I know, that just got a little woo woo, but it's true!

Give yourself a break. Be grateful for what you have. And get ready for even more greatness to enter your life.