How To Be a Better Communicator

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Still wondering why you aren't getting the results you want? It's because you aren't getting your message across. You need to become a better communicator.

Easier said than done, right? That's what I used to think, too. And then, I realized that it didn't have to be so hard. I didn't have to over-complicate it anymore. So, I implemented a few simple strategies to finally get what I want.

To start, take a breath. Yes, breathe. You're heart is racing. You feel yourself spiraling out of control. You are beyond frustrated because the person on the other side of the table just isn't getting it. Before you say something you don't mean, calm down. This is where breathing comes into play. It helps walk you back from the ledge. It helps you find your center and allows you a chance to regain your composure. Because I promise you, you'll get further when you stay cool, calm and collected than flying off the handle and blowing a gasket.

Now that you've calmed down, pause a moment longer and listen to the other person. Perhaps you aren't making headway because you haven't figured out how to get on the same page. I get it, you like to talk. But perhaps that's the problem. If it seems like you are on different planets, it might be because you are. Listen to what the other person is saying. What are her concerns? What does she want to accomplish? When you stop to listen, you can better craft your message to meet her needs, ensuring that you both get what you want.

And to make sure you can get the other person to see your point of view or to get them to come around and agree to what you want, you need to know your stuff. It's important that, going in to your meeting or presentation that you are prepared. It's not enough to memorize I few words. Be able to go with the flow because, let's face it, life throws us all a curveball and nothing ever goes exactly to plan. You need to be able to swerve as needed. So be prepared. Research. Practice. Anticipate any objections or questions. Have a response ready so that you appear knowledge, like the authority and leader that you are. 

Do these things and you'll start seeing more of the results you want. Still not sure if you can get your point across? Perhaps you need a little more support. Grab my free training that will teach you how to communicate successfully.